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Chrysler: Concept Collaboration

Do you love cars? The automotive industry is so competitive even the slightest edge can push a brand above the rest. Our participants had the opportunity to review concepts for many of the new vehicles you see on the road today.

Participants were given different ideas on interior and exterior design, engine quality and overall vehicle preferences. Those who completed the project were paid for their time and received extra incentives for the great feedback they provided.


T-Mobile: A Man and his plan

The smartphone industry is moving quickly... many phones, many options, and many decisions to make when purchasing a smartphone. T-Mobile wanted to speak to men in particular about how they come to the conclusion on purchasing a smartphone - price, features, design, and more.

The men in this project downloaded the Qualvu mobile app and were able to answer all of T-Mobile’s questions right from their smartphone, a convenience our participants never thought was possible.


Walmart: A Day in the Life

As a parent you have a unique view on products and your feedback is highly sought after. Wal-mart asked for our help in finding moms and dads who were willing to share their personal habits when it came to buying, feeding and educating their children.

Our parents loved this study because they could provide their feedback without taking time away from the children or hectic lifestyle. Participants were paid for their time and some were even asked to follow up because they provided insights Walmart had never thought of before.


eBay: Online Shopping Trends

Online merchants like eBay have changed the way we shop today. eBay wanted to better understand their customers' needs when shopping online. A project was created to let ebay users express their views and opinions while shopping on

Our members were able to give real-time feedback during the shopping process - browsing, bidding, purchasing, and checkout, all while sitting at the comfort of their own computer.


Procter & Gamble: Morning Routine

Procter & Gamble teamed up with Truepanel to conduct a "morning routine" study. This allowed our members the chance to give feedback on the P&G products they use every morning.

The study was very flexible, letting participants record video in their own homes and at their own convenience. Upon completion, Truepanel let all participants keep the mobile cameras.


Adidas: Share Your Style

Companies like Adidas are interested in your style! They used Truepanel to conduct a project involving young adults and their sports style.

Participants were armed with cameras and were asked to show off their personal style including shoes, athletic gear and shopping preferences. Participants loved the study because it was all conducted online via video, they were paid for their time, and they kept the camera upon completion.


Sony: New Age Technology

Ever wonder what the future holds for electronic devices? Sony asked us to find some of the most tech savvy consumers to test out a new age device that will completely change the video, television and internet landscape for good.

Participants were able to test this device before it hit the market, gave their feedback and were given compensation to purchase the device once it was available in stores.

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  • "Truepanel let's me earn extra income by doing things I would do anyways! I think it's great that opportunities like this exist."

    - David
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  • "Truepanel let's me earn extra income by doing things I would do anyways! I think it's great that opportunities like this exist."

    - David